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We are Tulsa’s most recognized local computer store according to a recent local focus group. Please look around and learn about our store serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We repair desktops, laptops, iphones and ipads, gaming consoles and many other things. Don’t forget we sell and service new and refurbished laptops and desktops, cables, monitors, gaming accessories and a few items Radio Shack in Tulsa use to carry. Please remember to sign up for our email and flow us on facebook for more WCS deals and steals!


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Tulsa iPhone Repair

We Fix iPhones, iPads and a few other mobile devices.

Looking for iPhone repair? You’ve come to the right place. Our technicians are specialist with 1000’s of repairs under their belt. Look over to the right and see what we can repair for you!

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iPhone Repair and Much More at Our Tulsa, OK, Store

If you are looking for a budget solution to your electronic repair requirements, we are here for you. Rather than throw away a perfectly good gadget because it has a few problems or will not start, why not give it to us to restore it to its former glory? Our skilled technicians are able to complete computer repair, phone repair and a number of other repair services, leaving your electronics in pristine condition. If required, we can also complete laptop repair or fix your gaming system.

Why Not Invest in One of Our Refurbished Gaming Computers?

New laptops, phones and computers are expensive. If you want to enjoy similar performance to a new model but without the hefty price tag, why not invest in one of our refurbished items? We are committed to recycling electronics where possible, using readily available, affordable computer parts to give older, unwanted computers a whole new lease on life. Our refurbished products come with a warranty, ensuring you have a fallback in the rare event you experience any issues.

Game Console Repair and Computer Supply

We operate a one-stop facility for all your repair and refurbishment requirements when it comes to phones, computers and similar devices. Fast, cost-effective and courteous, we are well-known in the local area for our great results and excellent, dedicated customer care. As one of the leading computer stores in Tulsa, we aim to stand out from all the rest when it comes to outstanding service and products.

Wholesale Computer Supply at Tulsa, OK

Whether you want to take advantage of our regular computer sale items, need an item repaired or require new parts or components to repair or improve your existing set-up, we are here for you. Fast, efficient and competitively priced, why not let us transform your old, poorly functioning gadgets into high-performance options that still have plenty of useful service left in them? To find out more, call us at (918) 212-9580.


Bring in your old or new devices and we will do our best to meet your needs!
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Frequently asked Questions

Are all of your computers used?

No, we have new and refurbished systems. We are Officially Authorized by Microsoft to rebuild, enhance, repair and license all of our systems before they leave the store.

Do your computers have warranties?

Yes, they come with a limited 90 day in-store warranty and extensions can be added.

How long will it take to repair my computer or phone?

Depending on the order of service your device can take 24 – 48 hours for a complete diagnostic and your system. Phone repair can also very but we work as long as the work day. We do offer emergency and immediate service for additional cost.

Will I lose my data?

For all devices we high suggest that your backup your data before bringing it in for service. We do offer services to assist you with backing up you computers for an additional cost.